Next generation privacy on Solana

Elusiv combines privacy with safety by offering compliance in mind next-generation privacy solutions for a better Web3.

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We make privacy accessible

Stay safe on the Solana blockchain

Send and receive SOL or SPL-tokens on Solana without being tracked.


Various compliance measurements are implemented to prevent bad actors from using Elusiv.

Scalable Privacy

Elusiv scales through custom privacy technology, low transaction fees and the Elusiv Relayer network.

Intuitive UX

Sending and receiving privately has never been easier.

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Elusiv VMs

Deploy your own ZK-proofs cheaply and without thinking about the complex cryptography.

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Use your favorite protocols with enhanced privacy.


Add privacy to your protocol with 4 lines of code.

// Initialize the Elusiv Instance
const elusiv: Promise<Elusiv> = await getElusivInstance(signedHashedPw: string, owner: PublicKey, networkUrl?: string);
// Generate private transaction
const rawInitTx: Promise<Transaction> = await elusiv.topUpPrivateBalance(amount: number, delayTimeInSeconds: number);
// Send transaction
const tx: Promise<TransactionSignature> = await sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection: Connection, rawInitTx: Transaction, signers: Signer[]);
// Finalize transaction
const success: Promise<boolean> = await elusiv.sendWithPrivateBalance(amount: number, recipient: PublicKey);

Bring your protocol to the next level with Elusiv.

Get started with quick start guides, protocol documentation, a Javascript SDK, and fully open source code.