Elusiv makes compliance simple.

With Elusiv, you can use secure viewing keys and Trusted Third Party designation to share transaction data when you want to, and ZK-based privacy to remain anonymous when you don't.

Step 1

Top-up private balance

Top up your private balance using your SOL or SPL-tokens.

Step 2

Spend while staying safe

Within Elusiv, you can send tokens to any other wallet address without anyone knowing your identity or the wallet address your token originated from.

Viewing Keys

Create a viewing key to share individual transactions securely

If you want to share an individual transaction record with someone, you can create a Viewing Key that grants them access to that transaction -- and only that transaction. ZK privacy tech means Elusiv can never access your data or funds.

Autonomous Protocol Analysis (APA)

Protect your protocol from malicious actors

Prevent misuse of your protocol by blocking transactions from Elusiv's ever-growing, community-driven blocklist.

Trusted Third Party (TTP)

Allow a TTP to view parts of your private transactions

Whether you're sharing transaction data with an accountant for tax compliance or responding to a law enforcement inquiry, Elusiv's ZK-based privacy technology puts you in control of what gets shared and what doesn't.

Warden Network

Avoid association with bad actors while staying private

Elusiv's Warden Network flags malicious actors on-chain, preventing them from being able to misuse Elusiv -- so your use of Elusiv doesn't cause any negative associations.

Step 3

Remain in control of your privacy while using the decentralized web.

You should be able to use crypto without revealing your identity or compromising your privacy. With Elusiv's privacy tools, that's finally possible.